Shockwave/Flash Browsers

In order to load into Casper Hotel, you must follow these steps and ensure you have the prequisities required.

We highly recommend loading into the hotel through our native application available for Mac, Windows and Linux! This will give you a fast and stable experience on our hotel.

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Basilisk Portable is a browser based on Basilisk a fork of Firefox.

Basilisk Portable comes pre-packaged with Adobe Shockwave & Adobe Flash Player. While we don't recommend using this browser to surf the web; Basilisk Portable is our recommended browser choice to log onto the hotel if you don't want to use our launcher.

Install Basilisk

Pale Moon

Pale Moon allows Adobe Shockwave to run correctly, as it's one of the few browsers that still supports NPAPI plugins correctly.

Since Shockwave is quite old, the 32-bit version of Pale Moon is required, here you can download the Portable or the Full version.

Why should I use Shockwave?

As of right now there are multiple ways to access the hotel, through Shockwave on a web browser like Basilisk or through our native app.

If you're here for a nostalgia hit then we recommend revisiting the site though our native apps or Basilisk to experience the full hotel.

The features that Shockwave contains which are not present in modern Flash hotels are listed below.

BattleBall, Diving, Wobble Squabble, Trax Machines, Jukeboxes, American Idol, Tic Tac Toe, Chess, Battleships, Poker and some nostalgic Habbo components such as the hand and the Room-o-Matic.


The following items are required to use Shockwave are listed below.

If you fail to meet these requirements, you will not be able to access the hotel.


- Microsoft Windows; or

- WINE for Linux and macOS (not supported by Casper staff, as may be unreliable)

- Shockwave (at least 11.6 or higher)

- Basilisk -or- Pale Moon 32-bit