Casper Hotel Staff, are excited to announce a series of exciting updates and features to enhance the user experience and foster a thriving community. With a brand new forum, an official room, updated links, and opportunities for user engagement, Casper Hotel is here to grow and foster a growing community of fellow nostalgic Habbo players.

One of the highlights of the July updates is the introduction of the Bubblejuice Forum. Created to encourage lively discussions and friendly competition, the Bubblejuice Forum is the go-to place for Casper Hotel users to engage in photo submissions, share ideas, and indulge in general discussions. What sets this forum apart is its unique Bubblejuice history and roots, where users are rewarded for their active participation. Engage in the community, earn vouchers for in-game use, and make your mark in Casper Hotel!

Alongside the Bubblejuice Forum, Casper staff unveils an official room that will undoubtedly strike a nostalgic chord with long-time Habbo enthusiasts. The Bubble Lounge, a recreated replica of the beloved original lounge on Habbo, invites users to relive their fondest memories while enjoying the company of friends. Step into the Bubble Lounge and bask in its cozy ambiance, just like the good old days!

Casper staff have reintroduced the official Bubblejuice group. By joining this group and proudly displaying the associated badge, users can demonstrate their loyalty to the Bubblejuice franchise and connect with like-minded individuals. Embrace the spirit of Bubblejuice and make lasting friendships within the vibrant Casper Hotel community.

To further enhance user convenience, we have made important updates to its website links. Look no further than the top right corner of the site, next to the help and sign out menu, to find a direct link to the Bubblejuice Discord server. Seamlessly connect with other players, exchange tips and tricks, and stay updated on the latest happenings in Casper Hotel. The Bubblejuice Discord server is the perfect hub for the community to gather and engage in real-time conversations.

Casper staff recognize the significance of community support in its growth and development. As part of these updates, findretros voting links have been implemented throughout the site (enter hotel buttons on the main homepage along with the header. By voting for Casper Hotel, users can contribute to generating more traffic and attracting new players to the platform. Increased user participation will open doors to exciting events and activities, ensuring a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Moreover, once the community reaches a substantial number of active users, the staff will begin accepting applications for moderator positions. Your vote matters, so let's come together and help Casper Hotel thrive!

Don't miss out on these fantastic updates and opportunities at Casper Hotel. Immerse yourself in the Bubblejuice world, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and have a blast in the Bubble Lounge. Join the official Bubblejuice group, wear the badge with pride, and be part of a growing community. Remember to cast your vote for Casper Hotel and pave the way for a brighter future filled with exciting adventures and memories.

Visit and invite your friends to Casper Hotel today and embrace the fun-filled nostalgic experience that awaits you!