Casper AdministratorsHotel Management, Technicians & Developers

Motto: O amor é amor.
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Motto: Administrator. What's a motto?
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Motto: can you hear the music?
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Hotel ModeratorsModeration Staff/Coordinators

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Hotel Trial ModeratorsTrainee Moderators, Hobbas, & eXperts

Motto: Every rose has its thorn
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Motto: Please do not be alarmed, remain calm.
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Hotel Leaders

You can contact a Hotel Leader through the help-tool. A staff member will get back to you as soon as possible. If it's urgent and require attention, you may also use the Call For Help system ingame or submit a support ticket on Discord.

Hotel Moderation Team

The primary role of the Hotel Moderation Team is to deal with the safety and enjoyment of Players, this team is made up of Hotel Moderators & Trail Moderators. Situations involving possible child luring or predatory behaviour, the dangerous exchange of personal information, sexual harassment and bullying are a Hotel Moderation team member's highest priority and should always be addressed before all other reports.

Does Casper need staff?

Seeking to join the Casper team? We're continually looking for fresh talent! Our ideal candidates are those who are active and have established a notible presence within our community. While we cherish long-standing members, we're open to anyone who shares our passion. Connect with us on Discord to explore opportunities.